Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara Lyrics In English PDF

Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara is a soul-stirring patriotic song that embodies the unwavering love and respect for India’s national flag, the Tiranga.

This iconic song has become synonymous with India’s independence struggle and continues to inspire millions of hearts with its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody.

In this article, we will explore the history, meaning, and significance of “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara,” shedding light on its timeless appeal even to young minds

Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara Lyrics In English

vijayee vishvatiramgaa pyaaraa
jhandaa oochaa rahe hamaaraa ॥jhandaa॥

sadaa shakti barsaane vaalaa
prema sudhaa sarsaane vaalaa
veeromko harshhaane vaalaa
maatrribhoomikaa tan man saaraa ॥jhandaa॥

svatamtrataakee bheeshhana ran me
lag^^kar bade joshh kshhan kshhan^^me
kaave shatru dekh^^kar man^^me
miT jaave bhay samkaT saaraa ॥jhandaa॥

in jhamdeke neece nirbhay
le svaraajya yaha avicala nishcay
bolo, bhaarat maataakee jay
svatamtrataa hi dhyey hamaaraa ॥jhandaa॥

is kee shhaan nee jaane paave
caahe jaan bhalehi jaaye
vishva vijaya kar ke dikh laave
tab hoove prana poorna hamaaraa ॥jhandaa॥


Meaning of Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara Song

The song “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara” celebrates the beauty and significance of India’s national flag, the Tricolor. Each color of the flag holds a special meaning:

  • Saffron: Represents courage, sacrifice, and the spirit of selflessness shown by countless freedom fighters in India’s struggle for independence.
  • White: Symbolizes purity and truth, urging the people of India to always uphold honesty and integrity in their actions.
  • Green: Signifies fertility and growth, calling for continuous progress and prosperity in all aspects of the nation.

The first two lines of the song go as follows:

“Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara, Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara”

Translation: “Victorious is the beloved tricolor of ours, may our flag always fly high.”

The song instills a sense of pride and unity among Indians, reminding them of the sacrifices made by their forefathers to achieve freedom and the responsibility to uphold the values represented by the Tiranga.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who composed the music for “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara”?

    The music for “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara” was composed by Sitaram Jaipuria.

  2. When is “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara” commonly sung?

    The song is commonly sung during national celebrations, such as Independence Day (15 August) and Republic Day (26 January), as well as during patriotic events and gatherings.

  3. Can you explain the meaning of the phrase “Vijayi Vishwa”?

    Vijayi Vishwa” translates to “Victorious World.” It emphasizes India’s aspiration for global peace and prosperity.

  4. Are there any other famous patriotic songs in India?

    Yes, India boasts a rich collection of patriotic songs. Some notable ones include “Vande Mataram,” “Jana Gana Mana,” and “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon.”

  5. What does the word “Tiranga” mean?

    Tiranga” translates to “Tricolor” in Hindi, referring to India’s national flag with its three distinct colors: saffron, white, and green.


Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara” is more than just a song; it is an embodiment of the undying love and respect that Indians hold for their national flag and their motherland.

The melodious tune, of the song continues to inspire and unite people from all walks of life, including young minds of 10-year-olds.

As we sing this anthem, let us remember the sacrifices of our ancestors, cherish the values represented by the Tiranga, and strive to build a stronger and more prosperous India for generations to come.

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